Hurricane Vehicle “Go-Box” and Supplies

Contents of “Go-Box” Tote
1 64-Quart Latching Tote Bin, Clear
1 120V 6 Outlet Powerstrip with 3 Foot Cord
1 12v to 120v vehicle power inverter. 300-400 Watts
1 Pack, 24 Batteries. Energizer Lithium for radio mic’s – OMIT IF NOT TV CREW
2 FRS Two-Way Radios tuned to 462.550 MHz, 136.5 PL or (15-21) on display. AA Powered
12 AA Akaline Batteries for FRS Radios
1 Roll of Bounty Brand paper towels
6 Pairs, 12 Gloves – Latex or Nitrile for medical aid or fueling vehicles
1 Long neck funnel for fueling vehicle – MANDATORY FOR NEW VEHICLES
2 Cans of 20oz. Fix-A-Flat (Minimum 2 Cans)
2 Ratchet Tie Down Straps – 1” by 12 Foot
4 Assorted Bungee Cords
2 Hi-Viz Green Reflective ANSI Safety Vests, 3M Brand
6 N95 Particle Filter Masks for Dust
6 55-Gallon Heavy-Duty clear plastic drum liners. For trash bags or rain covering.
1 Spray Bottle with 2oz of 5.5% Bleach for .05% or 1:100 disinfectant DECON solution. Fill to top with clean water before use
1 Bottle, Pump Top, 6oz Purell Hand Sanatizer Gel
1 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Electronics
1 50’ Section of 550lb Parachute Cord with Carabiner Clip
1 Bottle of 100% DEET Insect Repellant
1 Compact Travel Hair-Dryer, low wattage – for drying electronics
1 Roll of Gaff Tape
Assorted zip ties
Assorted packaged high protein snacks, granola bars, candy

Extra Items Per Vehicle
4 5-Gallon Fuel Cans, Full with Gasoline. 20 Gallons of Fuel. (Suburban – 31 Gal Cap. Chrysler Town and Country Van –  20 Gal Cap. Jeep Wrangler 4-Door – 21.5 Gal Cap.)
4 Cases of Bottled Water. 1/2 Case Per Person, Per Day.
1 Generator, Inverter Style. 2000W
1 Map Book or Road Map of Area
1 Sat-Nav GPS unit, Non-Cell Phone. Rent with Car.
1 Personal Flotation Device per person
1 Set of Rain Gear Per Person
1 First Aid Kit