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Mr. Christopher M. Post, Director & Safety Advisor

Chris Post is an Emmy Award winning photojournalist, as well as a media safety educator and security advocate, with a background of over 20 years in the emergency services sector.

Chris has worked in positions ranging from Captain of the fire department at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, to EMT at a regional level, to disaster emergency response with FEMA.

Emmy Award Winner

Chris transitioned to the field of journalism in 2009 picking up the camera he always loved since learning analog photography in the 1980’s. Chris is the 2020 recipient of the National Press Photographers Association’s second highest award for his work on advancing journalist safety and security initiatives.

Chris’s recent work includes the creation and delivery of a Domestic Hostile Environment first aid course for journalists, guest lecturing at multiple universities on media safety, chairing a national committee on press safety & security and participating in panel discussions related to domestic newsgathering in the United States.

As a photojournalist Chris has covered large events including the last two inaugurations, multiple political convention cycles, and the Papal visit of 2010, major disasters including earthquakes in Puerto Rico, hurricanes in the Gulf states, and the politically turbulent protests of 2020.

Having a deep background in public safety and journalism allows Chris to assess, plan and manage risks for newsgathering assignments.  Whether providing safety trainings ahead of events or being embedded as part of a team for high-risk assignments, Chris enhances safety, security and guidance for news organizations. Chris has worked as a safety adviser for major motion picture and television network projects.

Mr. Stephen Cook

Steve is a highly experienced safety and security professional – he has a degree in Risk & Security Management. He has worked in a variety of sectors since leaving government service in 2002: energy, communications, television production and international newsgathering. His career portfolio includes service in the British Military and the British Police.

He has considerable experience in location and logistical management including; TV field production in the documentary and reality formats; often working in remote locations and harsh environments. He is practiced in pre-deployment planning, devising implementing operating and emergency procedures, crisis management and contingency planning. Recently he has covered the major breaking news stories in the Middle East, North African and Central Asia for CNN and NBC, FOX NEWS, ABC NEWS and NEWS international. He a skilled project manager and has established news bureau’s for the TV networks in environmental disaster and conflict zones. He is accustomed to starting from basics.

Steve has also covered international sporting events such as the soccer world cup.
His career portfolio has given him a formidable depth of experience working in countries with harsh climatic conditions, environmental disaster and conflict zones. He is culturally aware and an accomplished and competent negotiator, fixer with considerable business acumen.

Steve trains & advises government, media and corporate organisations in risk mitigation, cultural awareness, personal and residential security, hostage situations and medical skills including basic life support.

Steve also holds Television Production Safety Passport, BBC’s Safe Management of productions qualification and is a member of the Chartered Institute of journalists.

Mr. Bryan Woolston

Bryan is a photojournalist who spent more than 20 years in the public service, safety, and security industries. 

During those years of service, Bryan served as a fire fighter, emergency medical technician, and hazardous material technician. He is trained in prehospital trauma life support, advanced airway management, mass casualty incident response, and in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Incident Command System. During his 20 years of military service, his education included attendance to Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal, US Army Technical Escort School, FBI and ATF Post Blast Investigation Courses, and US Army Physical Security Course.  He has received expensive training is hazard mitigation.

His training also focused on the specialized responses to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear incidents. In addition to his military career, Bryan’s government work included providing service support, and technical advice to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Secret Service, the US Departments of State, Justice, and Homeland Security, Bryan has worked extensively, and maintains professional relationships with many federal, state and local law enforcement and emergency response agencies across America.  

Bryan has spent the past 10 years as a photojournalist covering news, sports, and politics for Reuters, The Associated Press, Getty Images and many other press organizations.  His assignments have included breaking news, natural disasters and civil/political unrest.  

Bryan is also the Executive Director of Journey Press, a 501c3, nonprofit press organization dedicated to telling the stories of humanitarian nonprofit/NGO organizations around the world.

Dr. Abeer Saady Soliman, PhD

Abeer is a media development consultant, researcher, trainer, and former war correspondent with 29 years’ experience operating from conflict and crisis zones within Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Abeer has worked in more than 60 countries with a focus on the Safety of journalists and activists, Sensitive Conflict Reporting, Ethics, migration, dealing with extremism and radical groups (especially The Islamic State), Media Self-regulation, developing unions and associations, Training of Trainers (TOT), Investigative reporting, and Capacity building.

Captain Kimberly A Liszka

Kim is a highly skilled multifaceted female.Kim is a travel nurse specializing in Emergency Medicine, Wilderness Medicine and Medical missions. Kim is also the Chief Medical Officer for Extreme Endurance Races. Kim is a former military soldier, served as an enlisted soldier and officer. Kim is a former military athlete and a current civilian athlete. Kim Co-created The Reveille & Retreat project specifically for females that have served in the military. Kim is a model/actress/Reality TV Star, Personal Trainer/Nutritionist/Health Coach/Morale coach!

Kimberly has 14 years of military experience and 24 years of medical experience and applies it to hostile training situations that can help prolong and save lives. Kimberly’s experience includes Emergency Room Registered Nurse 1999-present — Advanced Wilderness & Expedition Provider 2017-present — Lead Medical Officer for Spartans Agoge Training/Race– 2017/2018 Iceland and Mongolia — Spartans Agoge Krypteia- 2019 Namibia — Bear Grylls & Mark Burnett’s Eco-Challenge Camp Support- 2019 Fiji —United States Army– 1995-2009 Combat Medic & Combat Support Nurse/Army Flight Nurse.

Cath Mossom

Cath served a full 22 year military career of which the last 12 years was serving within UK Special Forces (UKSF) in an operational worldwide role. Cath was one of a few female operators to serve in UKSF.  Cath has operated with government agencies at times of national crisis, and worked in diplomatically sensitive training roles.

Since leaving the military in 2008 Cath has successfully adapted and transferred my unique range of skills and experience into the civilian market; working predominantly with people who work & travel in difficult, remote and challenging areas; both in the field as a security advisor and as a senior trainer on HEAT courses.

Cath was trained as a UKSF paramedic, and gained valuable experience working within UK hospitals on month length deployments.  I have continued to develop this knowledge undertaking, Pre Hospital trauma care course, Advance Trauma Life Support course, First Person on the Scene medical course, FREC 3 medical course, Mental Health First Aider, Post Trauma Management.

Roger Bannister

Roger is a seasoned HEFAT trainer with over 40 years of global conflict, hostile environment and special operations experience.

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