Public Order / Civil Unrest (1-Day)

International Media Support Group in partnership with First Option as program lead is delighted to announce that we will be delivering Hostile Environment & First Aid Training (HEFAT) courses in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania for US based journalist and key staff members.

The First Option HEFAT portfolio is made up of market/sector leading courses that prepare journalists and other key staff members for working in hostile environments and other high risk situations around the world.  Our HEFAT portfolio has been developed and continuously refined in close collaboration with key clients, which include BBC, ITN, Channel 4, CNN, NBC, Washington Post, Alaraby TV, Global Radio and many other networks and broadcasters.

Our courses are endorsed by INSI, the Rory Peck Trust and the Frontline Club through whom we offer bursaries for freelancers. Our courses exceed the ACOS Industry Standard for Journalist Safety Training.

We are also delighted to partner with the International Media Support Group, headed by Emmy Award winning Photojournalist, Chris Post, to deliver these educational courses. 

COURSE:  Public Order/Civil Unrest (1 day)

LOCATION:  Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, 2-Hours from New York City.

DATES: 2nd September 2022

COST: $550 (inclusive of meals and a single night’s accommodation on 1st September 2022)

HEADLINE:  The Public Order/Civil Unrest is a single training day to build skills that enable individuals and news crews to operate confidently and dynamically in volatile and violent, public demonstrations.

WHO NEEDS THIS TRAINING:  Our certificated Public Order / Civil Unrest training is designed for journalists and key staff members who need to cover large civil disturbances or events that may promote large protest and counter protest activity. 


  • Our Public Order / Civil Unrest one-day module delivers a grounding in how to cover different forms of protest and civil unrest. It provides individuals with practical skills and blends classroom theory and discussion with practical role-play scenarios.

AGENDA:  Our training programme covers the following key knowledge areas:

  • Planning & Preparation
  • Situational Awareness
  • Clothing & Equipment, including PPE
  • Police and security force tactics
  • Managing improvised weapons and petrol bombs
  • Tear gas / Pepper Spray and Less Lethal Ammunition awareness
  • Adapting First Aid skills for public order / civil unrest situations

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