Emmy Award winner

This just might be the coolest thing ever to arrive in the mail! The pandemic forced a virtual awards ceremony and instead of receiving the Emmy immediately at the event, we received them in the mail a few weeks later.

Congratulations to my teammates who also took one of these home. Hard work and determination pays off.

The courage, sacrifice and devotion to quality Journalism has never been more important!

In 1948 The Emmy Awards are conceived. The Television Academy’s founding fathers struggle to
name the award: Television Academy founder Syd Cassyd suggests “Ike,” the nickname for the television iconoscope tube. Pioneer television engineer and future (1949) Academy president Harry Lubcke suggests “Immy,” a nickname for the image-orthicon camera tube instrumental in the technical development of television. “Immy” is feminized as “Emmy” because the statuette, designed by engineer Louis McManus (who enlisted his wife Dorothy to model for it) depicts the winged “muse of art uplifting the electron of science.”