Ukraine Freelance Journalist Safety Seminar & “Stop the Bleed” Refresher Education

This course is for freelance journalists operating in and around Ukraine. This seminar will cover basic medical treatments including the “Stop The Bleed” catastrophic bleeding management, how to use the content in your IFAK kit, field communications, and situational awareness.

This course will run approximately 2 hours and start at 20:00 Ukraine time on 2/22.

This course is not a HEFAT class nor should you use this as any equivalent for full HEFAT training. Participation is limited to 100 Students and will be held entirely over zoom. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions.

To offset the cost of hosting this course, a voluntary donation of $20 per person is requested via Venmo.

All course materials will be posted for digital download on

(Venmo User Name @JournalistSafety)

Go here to register!